Hi! My name is Luna Isaeva

I am an artist from Ukraine.

Creating paintings more than 10 years. I love to create galaxy paintings with my own technique and i know how to teach others to create art without the rules.

I created art school in Ukraine Isaeva Gallery –– and now looking for the new collaborations around the world.

My goal is to help creative people express themselves, with their feelings and their thoughts.

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What I can do for you or with you 

  • I can teach you how to create art with your feelings without the rules –– I call it intuitive painting

  • I can create a painting for you in order, we will discuss your needs and this painting will be very special for you and your home

  • I can work with you individual or in a group of 10 people

  • I can help you to understand yourself more or help you to solve your problem with an art-therapy

  • I can do art-therapy for a people in a group up to 10 peole

  • I can teach you how to combine and create your own colors, create color of your mood and create a painting 

My paintings, some of them...

I will create a galaxy painting for you that will inspire you ​

A Bit About Me

A few years ago, I created the first school of intuitive art in Ukraine, Isaeva Gallery. I teach people how to create pictures without rules, with feelings. Developed a special creative approach. Where we develop harmony between what we feel in the body, what we think and how we move. If you follow all these three aspects and find the resource state, then any picture created in this state will inspire people, because there will be feelings in it.
The studio employs 8 masters who are incredibly creative, we teach people to listen to themselves.

More than  2,000 clients visited our studio.

People call our studio Kyiv Jungle – Isaeva gallery

Our studio is two floors of creativity, where there are no rules, but there is continuous inspiration. 

Moon product designed by me – Ismoon shop

Nature inspired me and I inspire others with my moons

Art project #LifeInOneBrush just for my soul

Life of the flower in one stroke

My art life and what I already mede in my life

Let's create next art project together!

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November 2020

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September 2012

I am an artist with more than 10 years of experience

Took part with paintings and sculptures on the art market  Vsi svoi

The studio has signed a cooperation agreement with the largest impression gift shop in Ukraine –– Bodo

Music performance in our gallery with popular Ukrainian Dj Tapolsky. While musician played his music I created painting. Full video is here

I held the largest master class for IT companies where it took to teach more than 40 people at a time

Almost half a year I traveled around Bali to find more art inspiration and learn Balinese culture

I started studying sculpture and I developed my own moon spiritual product Ismoon shop

I started and continue trained 8 masters of intuitive creativity, and we taught more than 2,000 people how to create pictures with feelings

I took part with my paintings and products in a charity exhibition, where we raised funds to help homeless animals Wanna Cat

I opened my studio Isaeva Gallery in Kyiv together with a partner we share our place with Roslynka

Participated with my paintings in the art market with Atlas weekend

I began to teach people intuitive creativity as an experiment at my home place

Closed exhibition at the US Embassy, Kyiv

I joined exhibition with artists in the Art Space Act

My first personal exhibition in the center of Kiev in the Art Prichal 

Participation with my paintings in the creative market of Kyiv Kurazh.kyiv

The start.  I started painting with oil, I studied with the artist Anna Dakhno. Then I creating my own style and approach by myself

Let's Get


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