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Hi there!

My name is Luna Isaeva. I’m an intuitive painting artist from Ukraine with over 10 happy years of creating artwork. Galaxies are my favorite paintings — I’m using my own technique. Happy to teach it and show how to create art with no rules. 


I opened an art school in Ukraine (Isaeva Gallery), and now I’m looking for collaborations around the world.


​My goal is to help creative people express themselves through their inner self.

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What I can do for you 

  • Create art using your feelings, but follow no rules — with my own approach for intuitive painting. 

  • Draw a custom painting for you.  We’ll discuss every single detail to make sure it’s your best treasure for your home and your soul.

  • Offer private or group classes of  intuitive painting (up to 10 people) 

  • Discover your true self, recover, or help you solve your issues through art therapy

  • Do art therapy in a group of up to 10 people

  • Teach you how to mix colors and create your signature one, make the color of your mood, or draw a painting 

Some of my paintings…

I’ll create an inspiring galaxy painting for you. It sparkles your universe ✨

About me

Few years ago I opened the first school of intuitive art in Ukraine, Isaeva Gallery. We believe that anyone can be an artist and create their own paintings using feelings, not rules. 


Our creative approach finds harmony between your body, thoughts, and moves. Once you achieve the state of complete harmony, any picture you create will breathe your feelings, thus inspiring others. 


Our studio employs 8 incredibly creative mentors, who teach how to listen to your inner voice through art. And we’ve got more than 2,000 clients who loved it. ​

Our studio, Isaeva Gallery, is called ‘the Kyiv jungle’

Our studio in Kyiv has got two floors of endless creativity with 24/7 spirit of inspiration and zero rules.

A moon product designed by me — Ismoon shop

It was nature that inspired me. Now I inspire others with handmade ceramic moons.

#LifeInOneBrush is my art project for the soul

Picture the beautiful spectrum of the flower in one elegant brushstroke.